April 2021

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Articles from members are always welcome, and are to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor by 6:00pm Sunday following the General Meeting. These meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Win Chevrolet.

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We are using ZOOM for our monthly General meetings until further notice


Hi all Vette Set members
Our Zoom meeting attendance has dropped off significantly.  During our April meeting we briefly discussed when we might want to restart our meeting at WIN.  As you might imagine, there were opinions on both sides, some think we are getting close to restarting and others are not ready.  At a minimum, I feel that our officers need to agree on the restart.  Then our members need to vote on restarting.  We will discuss this further at our May zoom meeting.  In the meantime, George Person will try to talk to WIN to understand if they have any concerns about the restart.

Harry is putting together another run for the club for April 23rd.  I hope to see many members there, Gary and I will be providing 50-50 opportunity.
Jennifer has made a reservation for us at DeLuca Pasta in El Segundo for Wednesday 4/21.  We will be able to distance from each other and there is also the option to sit outside should you feel more comfortable doing so.  I hope to see many members as Jennifer has the entire restaurant reserved for us.
I think we are on our way back to normal operations in the next month or so.
Stay safe and I hope to see many members at these club events this month.




There are three Corvette raffles in April and May.


Build Your Own Corvette or $65,000.  Drawing Friday, April 23, 2021 at 3pm CT; Tickets are $250, limited to 1,500 tickets.  Only 406 Tickets SOLD as of Monday, April 5!


2021 Arctic White Corvette Coupe.  Drawing Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 3pm CT; Tickets are $20, unlimited number of tickets.


2021 Red Mist Corvette Coupe.  Drawing Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 2pm CT; Tickets are $100 and limited to 2,000 tickets.  Only 262 Tickets SOLD as of Monday, April 5!

George Person, Jr.


Corvette Racing participated in the Six Hours of Spa on Saturday May 1st in Stavelot, Belgium. 

Antonio Garcia and Oliver Gavin finished fourth in the GTE Pro class in their No. 63 car. Garcia qualified fifth. He drove the first two stints on the same set of Michelin tires, a different strategy than other GTE Pro entries, in order to be in better shape to fight for position at end of race.

Gavin drove the middle 2 stints of the race. He moved up to fourth position in class during his stint, due to one of the Porsches suffering a punctured tire.  Garcia then drove the last stint. He was pushing hard and had fastest lap time during this last stint. But he was not able to move into a podium finish.

This race was significant for a few reasons.
   a.      This was the first race outside of the US for the new C8-R.
   b.      Corvette Racing wanted to gather data to help set up C8-R cars for the upcoming 24 Hours of

            Le Mans.
   c.      This was the last race for Oliver Gavin after 20 years with Corvette racing.

Corvette Racing wanted the experience of running the C8-R in a sanctioned WEC race before the Le Mans race, since the rules set in WEC are different than the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship rules. Some of the differences include differing tire and fuel allocations, as well as procedures for things like pit stops and safety cars.

This race was the 204th appearance in Corvette Racing for Oliver Gavin. He is ending his career with 51 victories including 5 at Le Mans and 5 IMSA championships.  Gavin announced plans to open the Oliver Gavin Racing Academy in Boxberg Germany. He will be teaching others how to drive in mid-engine Corvette Stingrays.

In other racing news, it looks as if Corvette Racing’s future is in limbo again as Chevy rules out having a GT3-Spec Corvette for 2022.  Chevy says it just can’t have a race car fully setup for the GT3 class, ready by next year. Chevy is hopeful that IMSA will allow a few modifications to the current GTE-spec C8.R car that came out in 2020 so that it can compete in 2022 in the new GT Daytona Pro class.

We’ll have to wait and see if this works out. I won’t have much to say in the Race Report if Corvette doesn’t race in 2022. We’ll see.

On the lighter side of Corvette Racing, Doug Fehan was inducted in the Corvette Hall of Fame. If you remember, Doug recently retired (forced) as  Corvette Racing program manager for 25 years. He was instrumental in pushing Corvette to develop the race car and the street car at the same time. The C8 was the first generation with this development philosophy.
There is a great U-Tube video tribute to Doug Fehen. I urge anyone that has any interest in Doug or Corvette racing to watch it. Visit this link


Until next month, Vette on everyone!






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