November 2021

The Vette Set Gazette is a monthly publication of The Vette Set, Inc.

Articles from members are always welcome, and are to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor by 6:00pm Sunday, following the general monthly meeting.

These meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum located at 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo, CA 90245.

Guests are always welcome to attend any Vette Set event.


Harry's Apple Run to Oak Glen

Officers and Appointees


Outside contact can be made with:

1.President Rob Weimer, 310-941-7061,

2.Vice President Chuck Hammer, 310-874-6657,

3.Ambassador Anton Wijenayake, 310-283-5426,

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Hello Fellow Vet Sette Members

We are continuing to experience great turnout at our general meetings, this month we had over 50 members attend, and we welcomed five new members to our club, two of which own C8 Vettes which were put on

display in our banquet room.

Congratulations to all of our new members (shown below) and welcome to our club.


In October we had a very successful 56th Anniversary Picnic with great attendance. 
We had lots of fun with games, selling items, music, and of course food.
Our activity dinners continue to be great, if you haven’t attended lately, please come out and join us. We had a wonderful Italian dinner at La Bocca Felice in San Pedro, thanks Jennifer.

I would like to also thank Harry Kenyon for continuing to put on club runs to very nice locations. This last month we visited Oak Glen for apple tasting, had a wonderful picnic with great weather.

The Christmas Party and Annual Banquet are being combined this year. It will be starting at 5 pm on December 9th at the Ayers Hotel in Hawthorne. Please make your payment to Diane as soon as possible.  It is due no later than November 30.

Prepare your personal awards that you can present to fellow members at the banquet.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Regards and Save the Wave,


Annual Awards Ceremony & Holiday Christmas Party


Pami Hilty has some red Corvette Ornaments made in 1997 by Hallmark. All are in a new box and have never been removed. She is asking $20 for each ornament. She also has enough of the miniature ornaments to make 2 pair of earrings at $15 per pair. If interested, contact her at 310-483-0868 or



Honoring Life Member and Corvette Enthusiast General Colin Powell


Today the National Corvette Museum remembers and honors General Colin Powell for his 35 years of military service to our country, rising to the rank of four star General, along with his enthusiasm for Corvette and his lifetime membership to the National Corvette Museum.
During his career General Powell served as the 65th Secretary of State, 12th Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 16th National Security Advisor, and Deputy National Security Advisor.

Thank you, Gen. Powell, for your service to our country and your passion for Corvette.

Museum to Raffle 2022 Build Your Own Corvette


Win a 2022 Build Your Own Corvette! Tickets are $250, and the raffle is limited to 1,500 tickets. The drawing will be on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 2pm  CT.

NCM Participates in Business Panel
Sharon Brawner, President & CEO at the NCM, recently participated in WKU's Gender and Women's Studies
department's Women and Women's Studies department's Women in Business panel. The panel highlighted workplace diversity, equality, leadership, career building and mobility for women in the business sector.


George Person, Jr.


On September 12th at Laguna Seca in Monterey California, Tommy Milner and Nick Tandy finally had their 2nd win of season in their No. 4 Corvette.  Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor placed 2nd in their No. 3 Corvette.


There were a few notable events during the race:


Tandy, Milner Get Day in the Sun with Breakthrough GTLM Win in No. 4 Corvette

  • Tandy and Garcia exchanged fastest GTLM race laps multiple times.

  • Tandy, set a GTLM track record at 1:21.827 (98.461 mph)

  • Tandy inherited the lead for good when Garcia made his final stop with 49 minutes left.

  • The pair of mid-engine C8.Rs combined to lead every lap Sunday.

Unfortunately, the GTLM class was pretty thin with participants. But none the less, a win is a win.

Race Results: 1st: No.4 Corvette, 2nd: No. 3 Corvette, 3rd: Porsche 911 RSR.

On September 25th in Long Beach, Tommy Milner and Nick Tandy won their second straight race in the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach with their No. 4 Corvette C8.R. Here are a few details to note about this race:

  • Corvette Racing won for the 8th time at the southern California street event.

  • The winning move came at the race’s halfway point as Taylor was blocked by a GTD car. This allowed Milner to get alongside his teammate and eventually pass him.

  • Race Results: Race Results: 1st: No.4 Corvette, 2nd: No. 3 Corvette, 3rd: Porsche 911 RSR.

Corvette Racing’s next event is the Michelin GT Challenge at Virginia International Raceway on Oct. 8-9.

In other race news, I’ve mentioned in the past that Corvette needs to make changes to the race cars to race in next year’s GTD class.  So, Corvette Racing tested a GT-3 style anti-lock brake system in the Detroit Gran Prix.  So far, GM has not announced its’ racing plans or the development of an all new GT3-spec racecar.

Until next month, get out there and enjoy your Vettes everyone!



At the November club meeting, Rob Weimer proposed a change to the club’s present bylaws. His recommendation was to “remove banquet award names Jerry Belcher from most active new member,

Bert Pierce from most active member, and Glen Child’s from the Perpetual memorial award.” His reason was

because “these names of long ago members mean little or nothing to our current members and are no longer necessary for the award.“ 

The current text in the bylaws are listed below with the proposed changes:

Section 8. Sergeant at arms
B. Responsible for maintaining records of the point system for the Bert Pierce Memorial participation award

and the Jerry Belcher Memorial award (outstanding new member) at the option of the Board of Directors.

Section 8. Sergeant at arms
B. Responsible for maintaining records of the point system for the Most Active Member Award and the

Most Active New Member Award, at the option of the Board of Directors.

Section 9. Standing Committees
B. Awards
1. Bert Pierce Memorial Participation Award
2. Jerry Belcher Memorial outstanding New Member Award
3. Hard Luck Award
4. Glen Child’s Perpetual Memorial Award-Member of the year

Section 9. Standing Committees
B. Awards
1. Most Active Member Award
2. Most Active New Member Award
3. Hard Luck Award
4. Member of the Year Award, Perpetual, given by previous years award recipient.

Note: These proposed changes have been printed in the revised November 2021 newsletter and will be placed on the agenda of the December 2021 meeting for discussion.
At the end of the discussion, a motion will be entertained to vote on the proposed by law change.

Editor’s Note:

Like many of the members, Sharon and I have no idea who Bert Pierce, Jerry Belcher and Glen Child were

I suppose the blame is partially due to us as new members not asking the long time members and the long

time members not informing the incoming members.
(For example, Sharon and I received the 2015 Glen Child Award and we didn’t ask the obvious questions.)

Last week, member Howell Jaynes emailed the following text to Chuck Hammer and George Person regarding his memories of Glenn Child and Bert Pierce:

Glenn Child : Glenn Child's girlfriend was a friend of my then wife,
and that's how he became a friend of mine. He was a gregarious
outgoing person. To say he was an active Vette Set member..... well,
to say he was a hyper active member would be more accurate. He
had a white, 4 speed early eighty's C3. He worked at an El Segundo
aerospace company, was laid off. He drove to Hughes Santa Barbara
Research Center and was offered a job. Driving back to LA, he chose
the inland route, a curving two lane mountain highway, to enjoy
driving the C3. He was driving in an inside lane on a curve, when the

back end of his car slid out and collided with an on coming car, his car
spun off the road, flipped, landed upside down killing him.
There was a broken unopened bottle of champaign in the car. Glenn also owned a derelict 1967 British racing green C2 coupe. His father 


spent a large amount restoring the car to NCRS standards and for several years the car was a feature at the Vette Set car show.

Bert Pierce: I didn't know Bert very well. He died in 1978. I had left the US in 1976 to live in Australia. He was killed when a PSA 727 collided with a Cessna 172 during a landing approach at San Diego. Here's a Flight Channel video of the crash.”

“My UCLA Professor also died on this flight.” John Tully

“One of my best friends died on this flight, too. Sad day .” Kathleen Kovacs

Sharon and I knew that in 1979, her aunt bought a house in RPV from a widow of the PSA crash. After consulting her cousin, we learned that the house had belonged to Bert Pierce.






Howell Jaynes
Dianna Showaker-Bangs
Jim Dahl
Bill Kovacs
Maritza Rodriguez
Henry Aguirre
Gerri McManis
Bruce Gaines
Hal Vatcher
Kim Foster





Reata & Dennis Chance
Yvonne & Bill Molinelli
Darlene & Jerry Ockerman
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John LaBella

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