October 2020

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Hello Vette Set members,

Yet another month of dealing with COVID-19.  Membership renewals are due, so please send your renewal to Chuck as soon as possible.  Not much going on but we do have a run thanks to Jack, I hope many of you are able to participate. 

I have heard that the C8 Grand Sport may not be built but rather be a hybrid called an Eray.

The club will need a new Sunshine chairperson as Kelly will not be able to continue next year.

Stay safe and healthy,




NCM Insurance 'Quotes' - Becoming a Customer

In 2015 I purchased a new Corvette and, by way of a mutual friend, became aware of the NCM Insurance Agency. On my initial phone call, I was pleasantly surprised when a "live person" answered the phone and was very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, personable, and efficient in dealing with what I needed. That live person was Bobbie Jo Lee, who within a very short time quoted me on a policy better than I had initially imagined.

Win a 2021 Silver Flare Corvette!

Your next chance to win a Corvette is Thursday, October 15 at 2pm CT when they raffle off a 2021 Silver Flare Corvette Coupe. Tickets are $100 and the raffle is limited to 2,000 tickets.

Corvette Racing: Champion Legacy at Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans sounded a little different this year without the V8 rumble from Corvette Racing. But rest assured, someday America's Sports Car will be racing, and winning, in the French countryside once again. Did you know? Mobil1 advanced synthetic has been in the engine of every Corvette Racing race car since their first Le Mans.

Garcia, Taylor Pace 1 - 2 Finish for Corvette C8.R

Corvette Racing went wire-to-wire Sunday to claim a GT Le Mans (GTLM) victory at the Acura Sports Car Challenge at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Antonia Garcia and Jordan Taylor won for the fourth time this year in the IMSA Weather Tech Sportscar Championship with the No. 3 Mobile 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R.

2020 Corvette Windshields Feature New Graphic Etching

Owners with VIN 11000 and above on the new 2020 Corvette may notice something new the early cars do not have. At the bottom of the driver’s side windshield "Team Corvette" with the Next Generation Corvette crossed flags appears while on the passengers' side windshield appears the silhouette of Zora Arkus Duntov - the same silhouette many spotted in sticker form on the camo-covered Corvette driven by Mary Barra and Tadge Juecheter in New York last year.


According to Harlan Charles, the original idea was to start the etching for the 2021 model year, which would have been near the anniversary of Zora's famous letter that is said to have saved the Corvette. "With the 2020 model year extended to help cover the many orders, the new windshield was ready early so we break pointed it at VIN 11000 last week."


The complete VIN of the first Corvette to have the etching is VIN 1G1Y72D46L5111000..


The Museum received their first shipment of Corvettes with the new etching today, fresh off the truck and not yet prepped for delivery. They will be sure to share more photos once the Corvettes are cleaned up and ready for customers.

George Person, Jr.


There were two races in September, one at Road Atlanta and one at Mid-Ohio. On September 5th, at Atlanta, the #4 Corvette with Gavin and Milner finished second. The #3 Corvette with Garcia and Taylor finished fifth.  Now for a few interesting points of the race.  Milner led the class 30 minutes into the race until he had a flat tire. Gavin and Milner were nearly 1 lap down in the 6-hour race. They fought their way back to the number 2 spot. Garcia and Taylor in the #3 Corvette suffered from issues with heat and track conditions.  Chassis adjustments during pit stops helped them. But a tire issue caused delays late in the race.


Road Atlanta Race Results:
       1st : BMW,
       2nd : #4-Milner/Gavin,
       3rd : BMW,
       4th : Porsche,
       5th : #3-Garcia/Tayler,
       6th : Porsche

Corvette Racing won again at MID-OHIO on September 27. The #3 Corvette with Garcia and Taylor finished in first place. This is the fourth win of the season for Garcia and Taylor. Meanwhile, the #4 Corvette with Milner and Gavin grabbed second place. This is the fifth victory for the C8-R this year!  Corvette Racing led the entire two hours and 40 minutes for a total of 110 laps. Milner stopped for fuel, tires, and adjustments in an effort to keep up with the sister Vette. The adjustments worked as the #4 car was glued to the #3 car for the remainder of race.  With no team orders, the two Corvettes raced each other hard but fair.  The result is Garcia winning by 1.472 seconds. 

Since the C8-R had not raced at Mid-Ohio, Corvette Racing relied on  data from the new race simulator to come up with base line settings.  The general consensus from the Corvette drivers is that the C8-R is very consistent and easier to drive than the outgoing C7-R.

Mid-Ohio Race Results:       

       1st :  #3-Garcia/Taylor,

       2nd : #4-Milner/Gavin,

       3rd : BMW,

       4th : BMW.

The next race is on October 14-17. This will be the 10-hour Motul Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway in Road Atlanta.

Until next month, “Vette On” everyone!

David Tavares




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