The Vette Set – Technical Clinic:  Hal Vatcher’s Home
Subject:  Install Turn Signal Indicators Mirrors on C5/C6 Corvettes

Years ago, members of The Vette Set would get together at someone’s home for a “tech session”. Often these were just an excuse to gather, eat/drink, kick tires, etc.  On this occasion we did some actual work!
C5 Corvettes (and early C6) did not have “turn signal indicators” built into the side mirrors.  Member Brian Welchko had found a “kit” and installed these turn signal mirrors in his C5 Corvette. 

This got a lot of attention from other club members with C5s so we organized a “tech session” at Hal Vatcher’s home. 

Brian was on hand to provide advice/direction.  Even with his expertise, the project was quite ”challenging” for most of the group.

Rob Weimer had the only C6 at the event. After getting his first door apart and saw the C6 was different from the C5 he chose to put it back together and let the dealer do the work. 

Others went forward, most succeeding.

Fun day, great comradery.  Here are a few pictures of the event!

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