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Farewell, Santiago & Bonnie


Santiago and Bonnie Chavez, Two more escapees!

Not from The Vette Set, but they have fled to Arizona to be close to family.


They will remain Vette Setters for 2020 at least and we hope they will join us occasionally on runs, etc.


We have many wonderful remembrances of Santiago and Bonnie.  Santiago was our President(2014), Secretary(2011), and Car Show Co-Chair (2010-2013), Race Chair (2013,2015-2017). Bonnie was Sunshine (2010).


Santiago loves to race. He has raced Spring Mountain, Big Bear Bash, Santa Maria, Fontana, and Elsinore.  We wish them well and suggest that The Vette Set might join them on some great runs to Arizona for sightseeing, racing, and great comradery.

JT, for all of the Vette Setters

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