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Food for Less Parking Lot.  We met in the parking lot next to Krispy Kreme in Gardena @ 9:00 am



Gless Ranch. Our first destination was Gless Ranch located at 19985 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, Ca. 92508. We departed at 9:30, heading east on the 91 freeway, and took the Van Buren Blvd exit south, passed the Citrus Museum, going to Gless Ranch on the right.  We parked on the north side by the store for a planned photo op.  We enjoyed the A/C inside and forgot to take a group photo.

Shoppers received a 10% discount in the store when they showed their badge or Vette Set ID. This is a general type store with all kinds of citrus and gifts with 2 portable toilets available behind the store.


March Field Air Museum. (22550 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92518) This is only a few minutes east on Van Buren Blvd. passing over the 215 freeway where we saw many USAF Aircraft.  The left lane led to a parking lot where we parked by the fence for a photo op. Cost for the museum was adults $12, veterans $10.  It was so hot (98°F), we forgot to take the group photo. 


Parking at March Field Museum


Chuck with his C8.  The museum collection did not have a C-130, the plane he flew in the USAF.


The museum collection included an SR-71


Tom’s Farms. Our next destination was at Tom’s Farms located at 23900 Temescal Canyon Road, Glen Ivy, Ca.92883.

We left the museum, passed over the 215 to enter the 215 south, and took the Cajalco Road exit heading to Lake Mathews. At the bottom of the road, we turned left onto Temescal Canyon Road.

Tom's Farms compound was on the left with lots of parking by the side of the furniture store.  The general store was open and served pizza, sandwiches and salads with outdoor seating.  There was also a produce and candy store located beside the furniture store.  

For lunch, we were joined by John & Linda Tully driving their new C8 and Frank & Gloria Tecca.  This brought the run to a total of 20 Corvettes.  Fortunately, the outdoor dining was located in the shade.  At this point, the temperature was 102°F.


Robbers at Tom's Farms?

No, just Sharon and Gloria being COVID19 compliant while ordering lunch.


Home. Harry provided three routes home for the members:

a.  Short.  North on I-15, West on SR-91
b.  Long.   South on I-15 to SR-76 Oceanside I-5 Fwy 
c.  Twists. South on I-15 Fwy to Nichols Road, south to Riverside Drive                         through Lake Elsinore (runs into Grand Ave.), turn right onto

                 CR-74 Ortega Hwy to the I-5 Fwy.

It was an extremely hot August day and we went to one of the hottest places in the southland.  I think the heat may explain why we forgot to get group pictures for the run.  Even with the heat, it was a very popular and successful run due to: (a) Harry’s planning and (b) the need of everyone to get out of the house, drive their cars and see their friends.  

Thank you, Harry.

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