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Jack Walter, Vette Set member and Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) docent, helped organize this Corvette car show at the ADM in El Segundo.  It was a spectacular success: 140 Corvettes total with 21 belonging to Vette Set members.  For many, this was the first large outing after 14 months of being sequestered at home due to COVID19.  As Lee said, “On this day, a car show featuring Plymouth station wagons would have been a smashing success.”  


This last year we have only seen the majority of club members in Zoom meetings and it was great to see them in person.


Corvette Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum


Diane, Lee, Ruly, Maritza, Jeanette & Melanie                    

Lee, Rob & Diane


Harry, Joe, Sharon & Bonniegay                                     

Automotive Artist

They departed from Vasquez Rock by going back to Aqua Dulce Canyon Road, passing under the 14 freeway, and turning right onto Soledad Canyon Road.

Then they headed south to Sand Canyon Road for more twists and turns.

This road turned into Little Tujunga Canyon Road, and ended at Osborne Street and ultimately the Hansen Dam Parking Area.

Members brought their lunches and used either their personal folding chairs or the park’s benches and tables.

After lunch, Harry provided two routes home:

(1)   210 west to 118 to 405 south

(2)   210 east to 2 south to 5 then 110 south.


Vette Set Class Winners with Miss ADM 2021: Bonniegay (C4) and Kim (C2)


This month, the Activities Dinner Meeting was held at the Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine and Café, located at 1648 W. Carson St, Torrance 90501.  Eighteen members attended the event.  (Photo by Rob, Pat & John talking in smoking section.)

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