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We met at the IN-N-OUT Burger on Inglewood Blvd. @ 8:30 departed at 9:00 by taking the 405 North, to the I5 North, to the 14 North. We exited at Palmdale Blvd. (State Route 138) and turned west on Elizabeth Lake Rd.  After driving a few blocks, we had a pit stop at Albertsons Market.

Going Around the Bend.jpg

After the break, we traveled west on Elizabeth Lake Road towards the Leona Valley where we stopped to pick cherries at Villa de Sol (6989 Elizabeth Lake Rd. Leona Valley).  When we arrived, the temperature was 92° F.  After a month of “May Gray” and a half a month of “June Gloom", the weather seemed quite warm. 

The guy in charge of the facility told Pat he was in charge of our group keeping hydrated because he

The guy in charge of the facility told Pat he was in charge of our group keeping hydrated because he didn't want to have to call the paramedics again.


Picking Time


Cherries and Honey at Checkout


Ready to Roll

After picking cherries, we returned to our cars and headed west to have lunch at Jack’s Place which is located at the intersection of Elizabeth Lake Road and 90th  Street West in Leona Valley.  Parking is in the back with some shade provided by trees. 


It was great seeing club members in a group setting after a year of separation caused by COVID19.   The lunch and conversation were good.


After lunch, Gary, our club’s Sergeant-at-Arms, announced that he would be vacating his post.  Then, we had a 50-50 drawing with Gary’s wife Emma collecting the money.  Emma drew Gary’s name for the winner.   (Editor’s note: Was this a case of “Take the Money and Run?”)


After lunch we went west on Elizabeth Lake Road and turned on to Lake Hughes Road.  This road had twists and turns on our way to Castaic Lake.  When we stopped for a photo-op with a view of the lake, the temperature was 104° F.  Photos of the lake were not taken because it was into the sun and the water level was quite low.

12. Castaic Lake.jpg

Photo-Op Near Castaic Lake


Twists and Turns


Ups and Downs

After stopping at a McDonald’s Restaurant for a milk shake, we took nearby I5 South for home.  It was a fun run, Harry. 


Thanks for doing the planning and leading the group.


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